Libido definition, causes of its worsening and methods of improving

Want to know libido definition? What is libido? It is a sexual desire (sex drive) which is one of the most important functions of the human body. The weakening of sex drive is a problem for many people. Sex drive can be affected by a wide range of factors, including stress, the time of year, lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle, and depression. The definition became widespread after the publication of Sigmund Freud’s works on psychoanalysis.

Control of libido

Libido is controlled as well as the production of testosterone, which an under the control of the pituitary gland, and the nervous system. Such body functions as ejaculation, erection and other sexual capabilities are controlled by the brain, so very often the cause of a decreased or increased sex drive lies precisely in the activity of the nervous system.

Excessively strict upbringing in childhood can instill an aversion to sexual actions and, as a consequence, reduce the level of sex drive in male & female persons.

A huge role in the formation of sex drive is played by hormones. Due to hormonal disorders, a man or a woman may have a complete aversion to sex.

Causes of decreased sexual desire

Here is a list of reasons that can lead to a decrease in sex drive:
1. Psychological factors – social situation, dissatisfaction with the workplace, problems in the family.
2. problems of the liver, stomach, heart, lungs, kidneys.
3. Menopause in women.
4. Decreased general tone.
5. Biloba from sex.
6. Loss of interest in a particular partner while maintaining platonic feelings.
7. The use of medicines, as well as the end of taking them. These can be antidepressants, reserpine, oral contraceptives, methyldopa, sulpiride, neuroleptics, and other drugs.

Diagnostics of low sex drive

Diagnosis of the condition consists of 3 elements:
– a collection of anamnesis with control of the date of development of ED and/or loss of interest in sex;
– checking a patient’s hormonal background;
– assessment of the psychological atmosphere of a couple.

Treatment methods

How to increase libido? Among the ways to treat a decreased sex drive are both medicamental and psychological ones. In particular, if the hormonal background is not broken, and the patient does not suffer from diseases of the genitourinary system, care should be taken to interact with the partner, changing the situation in the bedroom, finding new poses. An important factor in normal sexual life and regulation of sex drive are preliminary caresses.

The romantic component of relations between partners is also important. If during the day the patient experiences constant stress, he/she needs to take care to minimize conflict situations and eliminate nervousness. Communicating with a partner and joint visit to a psychotherapist can help to find the true causes of loss of sexual desire.

Hormonal medications can be prescribed only by a doctor in case of detection of appropriate disorders. They should not be taken without a prescription. In the event of the hormonal disorder being due to the presence of another disease, the patient must first eliminate the cause.

It is also recommended to normalize the diet (consume a lot of protein products, fruit and vegetables), engage in physical activity and abandon bad habits.